Helpful tools for SQL Server Reporting Services 2005 & 2008
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Trigger Subscriptions on Demand

Ever had a subscription fail first thing in the morning? You fix the error, but then you need to fire the subscription again. You open the report manager, change the subscription settings to fire 5 minutes in the future. Click OK. Enter the file share password in again (if you can remember it). Then wait 5 minutes only to watch it fail a second time

Never have that problem again! This tool shows you all your subscriptions on the server along with all the relevant details and meta-data. Recently failed subscriptions are highlighted in red. Just right-click to trigger a subscription any time you want.

Download Every File in One Click

If you misplace the original Visual Studio project for a set of reports you're potentially faced with an hours long click-fest to retrieve them back from the server before recreating the project.

Download every rdl, connection string and resource from the entire server, or a particular folder in one click. They'll be saved on your HDD in their proper folder structure ready for continuing development.

Handle Troublesome Jobs

Maybe the new guy has started accidentally rendering a report that takes 2 hours to run and generates a 120mb PDF file. What do you do? You can't let the whole server grind to a halt for two hours while the report finishes. the only option is to restart the SSRS service.

This job monitor lets you view all long running jobs on the server, and lets you cancel them with a single click.